Hello and welcome! This space is where I share bits and pieces of my work as a professional photographer.

Being a photographer - what does that mean in the year 2018? Can’t everyone be a photographer these days? Yes and no. Cameras are fairly affordable for most of us and there is one in every phone. Many of us have an instagram account where we share pictures of us with the world, so why hire an expensive photographer?

Well, why risk that this one special moment in your life isn’t captured the right way? why risk that your magazine doesn’t sell as well as it could because you use boring stock photos? Sure granny’s or mom’s photos are adorable and stock material is fairly cheap but to have a great photo, a photo that takes your breath away, you need someone who knows more about photography than how to push a button - no matter if it is the one on the camera or the one that reads "download".

In Germany I worked for a professional photo studio for three years while attending a University where I was trained in all the important photography techniques.

I know about light, about angle, about how to take that one special photo for you.

I have taken photos of newborns, newlyweds, and models. I have captured family celebrations, pregnant bellies and sports teams, but knowledge alone doesn’t make anyone a great photographer. I am good at my job because I listen and read between the lines. I don’t take for granted that you trust me - in capturing your special moment, which may help to start your career, that helps in fulfilling your dream, that makes your family the happiest little group of people - or you for that matter.

I’m easy to work with. I’m creative and I will most definitely make you laugh.

so look around & get in touch if you like what you see.


Born 1988
2007 Vocational A levels in Design
2008 Studied in the Netherlands / fine art (AKI) 
2009 College education in Photography
2012 Freelance
2013 moved to Washington D.C. / Freelance