Hello and welcome! This space is where I share bits and pieces of my work as photographer.

I graduated from a photography program in Germany and worked for a professional photo studio for three years while attending a University where I was trained in all the important photography techniques.

Following my graduation I joined a creative agency, Design Army where I facilitated the daily operations in a number of ways and coordinated most aspects of photo-shoots and film production as well as various management tasks. Seeking to grow as a producer, I joined APCO’s creative team as a production coordinator.

I have taken photos of models, newborns and newlyweds. I have captured family celebrations, pregnant bellies, sports teams and have traveled internationally as a photographer, but knowledge alone doesn’t make anyone a great photographer. I am good at my job because I listen and read between the lines. I don’t take for granted that you trust me - in capturing your special moment, which may help to start your career, or fulfill your dream. A moment that will be captured for you to treasure and pass on for generations.

so look around & get in touch if you like what you see.